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The Maldives is recognized for its magnificent coral reefs and marine wildlife, in addition to its clean beaches and crystalline waters. Its stunning underwater habitat has elevated it to the ranks of the world's top scuba diving destinations.

Divers from all over the world have come for years to marvel at the marine beauty and to explore the unique topography of the seafloor. Enjoy recreational diving with our guides or join our Padi-approved classes and guided workshops led by our professional instructors. To further customise your activities, speak with one of our consultants at our Diving and Water Sports Centre.
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Above the seas

An unforgettable voyage

Explore the pristine seas around you with the many cruises and boat ride available to you at Yash Nature Resort. Visit uninhabited islands and have picnics on isolated sea banks with nothing but the tropical sun and sapphire waters around you.

You could also enjoy a leisurely sail in search of wild dolphins as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean or take a Dhoni ride tour through the many islands and communities rich in culture and adventure that inhabit Dhaalu Atoll. We offer our clients a variety of options that best suit their interests and set sail toward luxurious expeditions.
Cruises and Boat Tours

“Waters Like No Other”

With over a thousand breathtaking islands and 26 coral atolls filled with marine life, dive into the endless sea or lounge out on the white sand in Maldives.
Witness Manta rays, sea turtles, and barracudas swim through the vibrant coral reefs. Whale sharks spend the entire year in the Maldives, preferring the western part of the Indian Ocean archipelago from May to December and then migrating east until April.
Because the islands are bordered by large oceans on all sides, it is one of the best and most popular sites for water sports in the world. Enjoy Jet Ski, Fishing, and Sailing excursions in the Maldives' waters with a wide range of options.

Other Water Activities

Water Sport Adventures

At Yash Nature Resort, there are several activities to spend your time and have the best vacation. Among the various other activities we offer are fishing, jet skiing, surfing, and other family-friendly water excursions.

With the rich marine life in the surrounding waters, test your fishing abilities or simply have a fun-filled day learning how to surf out in our tranquil ocean with your loved ones. To learn more get in touch with our consultants at the Diving and Water Sports Centre
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